Why Promotional Products?

Why Promotional Products?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Long before I knew where it would take me in life, I knew I wanted to blaze my own trail. As I got older and started to realize what that meant for me professionally, questions started to arise about how I could transition my passion for creating my own path into a successful business. I didn’t feel a calling towards a particular industry or practice. Instead, I was compelled to build a career that could help others while I still pursued my own success.

This budding inclination grew into the early makings of TK Promotions over the next decade as I sat in my advertising classes and then went to work in the field of promotional products upon graduation. Through internships, rigorous studying, and occupational experience, I began to comprehend who in the industry world was doing things the right way and where there was ample room for improvement. When I felt that I had a strong enough grasp of how to properly run the business that I had been dreaming about, I examined my life factors… with no wife at the time, no children to take care of, and no reason not to try, I embarked upon the wonderful journey that I’m still on today and started TK Promotions.

Promotional products allow for an immense amount of creativity, with logo designs and custom implementations, but sometimes the industry is overlooked when considering advertising as a whole. What I’ve found is that this often-disregarded approach can actually evoke some of the most powerful emotions from its audiences. Promotional products are truly the only form of marketing that can be received by all five senses. You can taste a cookie, hear a speaker, smell scented candle, see a logo, or a t-shirt, or a hat, and of course you can hold all of it. Being able to engineer experiences like this for our clients and their customers or teams, is a wonderful gift and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

While I truly believe promotional products are the greatest form of marketing never talked about, the industry itself is not why we have enjoyed the level of sustained success that we have. At TK Promotions, we have a true passion for what we do. One of the greatest learnings I have realized in my time as a business owner, is that everything follows passion. For anyone else with a similar entrepreneurial spirit looking to start their own business, the industry does not matter as much as the passion of which you view that industry. If you don’t have passion, the night work, the morning work, the missing weekend work, and the do-it-all-over-again will bury you. Instead of choosing an industry choose a “why” and fight for it until you don’t believe in it anymore.

Our “why” is helping to bring products to people in need. Sometimes that can mean life or death for our healthcare clients, and other times it just means giving someone a tangible memory to hold. Either way, we’re proud and happy to serve in our role and will give it our all every day that our clients trust us to do so.