Why Our Team is Our Greatest Strength

Why Our Team is Our Greatest Strength

In our recent blogs we have talked about the origin of our company, the direction of our industry, how we are managing in these unprecedented times, and even offered some advice and motivation to keep going when things are difficult. One essential aspect of our business has yet to be covered: our team. You have heard from some of our all-star players – Anita penned “Working on Working from Home,” and Ricky shed light on “Maintaining Great Client Relationships Amid COVID-19” – but we have not directly addressed how the makeup and culture of our team is the most important contributing factor to the success of TK Promotions.

At its core, our company was founded on partnership. I started the business with a partner, Kyle Hodges, who is the “K” to my “T”, in TK Promotions. As fellow church members and co-workers, we knew from the beginning  our ethics, morals, and missions were uniquely aligned. When it came time to expand beyond just the two of us, we knew that we wanted to add to our roster with individuals with similar values. Kyle and I wanted TK Promotions to feel like a collaborative work family.

We started by first hiring Kyle’s daughter, Elizabeth, who is now an instrumental part of our team. From there, we reached out to our networks and asked if they knew anyone who would fit well within our evolving company. The key to this approach was making sure that what we stood for was evident, not just internally, but externally as well. As we continued to grow, we depended on our network of partners and friends to onboard staff members with creative drive and heart for service. TK promotions is transparent about our goals of being successful through a high-integrity, customer first work process that allows for a balance of family, professional and social pursuits.

These values and a true commitment to living them out have allowed us to succeed personally and professionally, while also helping our clients and partners achieve their goals. One of the true measures of a company is how their processes mitigate and resolve challenging outcomes. An engaged team with a desire to partner with each other and with clients to overcome obstacles makes all the difference.

I learned early on that every team member has a unique set of skills. How those skills work in concert with one another is what ultimately determines team success. On a basketball team some players can dunk, some can dribble through traffic, and some can shoot better than others. When you put the correct team members in the correct roles with a thoughtful plan and breed a culture of teamwork and unselfishness, you have the makings of a winning squad. That is TK Promotions and that is why we feel so optimistic about our future success and our ability to offer service beyond expectations to our client partners.

We are always looking for more like-minded players to join our team. If you or anyone you know would be interested in learning more about the TK Promotions mission to better serve our clients or joining our team, let us know! Partnering with great people is what we do best.

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