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A collection of promo merchandise. The top image shows a branded sandwich bag and parchment paper. Below that is a custom snack kit with cookies and a mug and also a custom wine box.

By Tim Wagner, Certified PGA Golf Professional


A core problem in the golf industry is gifting redundancy as players travel and often receive the same products with a different club logo on them. At TK Promotions, we excel in adding value to your brand. Coupling my experience as a PGA Head Golf Professional with our ideal supplier partners allows us to do what few other vendors can. We are a 1-stop shop with access to over 1.2 million promo products and custom gift services. Our goal is to build a partnership and understand your club’s needs.

Collaborating with fellow professionals to make them look like heroes is what we do. In my 20-years as a golf professional, I’ve become familiar with tight deadlines around member events and a staff that is stretched too thin. I would often find myself on an island when looking for assistance with tournament gifts for our events.


An Intro to the World of Promo


One of my mentors, Phil Owenby (2022 Virginia Hall of Fame Inductee) introduced me to the world of promotional products and TK Promotions. When he mentioned TK Promotions, my first thought was, “would I be selling stress balls?” I quickly realized that TK Promotions was extremely versatile with endless amounts of products just waiting to be branded. Realizing this while working in the golf course arena would have saved me countless hours of effort and worry!

When I joined TK Promotions, our plan was to use my background in the golf industry to give unique insight on how to build meaningful relationships with fellow PGA Professionals, Club Managers, and Purchasers. Our team develops a personalized plan surrounding each club’s specific needs. TK Promotions specializes in taking the stress out of planning your next event merchandise, gifting opportunity, or in-house supplies. We aim to build a relationship with you and deliver high-quality, custom products. Some of my favorite projects have included custom sandwich bags and dining packaging, custom-made wine boxes, and “thank you” snack kits. (See more of our work here.)

Currently, we produce New Member Kits, Tournament Gifting, Corporate Gifting, Uniforms and Supplies with multiple clubs, including Waynesborough Country Club, Dallas National Golf Club, South Fork Country Club and all Dormie Network courses. I look forward to connecting with you and making you a brand hero!




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