Forming Relationships to Make a Difference

Forming Relationships to Make a Difference

If you’ve been following us on social or reading our e-mails lately you may have heard about our He Shed / She Shed ticket raffle, where the winner of our contest would be entered into a drawing to potentially win a $15,000 shed. What you may not have known is that all proceeds from that raffle and the interest we garnered around the competition was meant to benefit the Relationship Foundation of Virginia; an organization that we at TK Promotions have close ties to and believe in wholeheartedly.

The Relationship Foundation of Virginia (RFVA) is a nonprofit committed to strengthening families, supporting the development of strong marriages, and advocating for taking pride in fatherhood – all of which we have seen in decline in Richmond over the past several years.

RFVA participates in our community in a number of ways, including offering date nights once a month, holding bootcamp for fathers, working with men in jail so when they are released, they can be better fathers, and even performing marriage counseling, knowing that families and parents can use support at every stage in their relationship.

RFVA founder, Chris Beach, and Todd were introduced when Todd was invited by another father to take part in one of the foundation’s events. Todd participated in the annual Father Figure contest where nominated members of the community are challenged to fundraise for RFVA and their great causes. Todd was able to raise over $13,000 in donations and was hooked, seeing how much of an impact he could have on such a meaningful organization. Since then, Todd has become a board member of RFVA and invited other TK Promotions members to attend events and support the organization as well.

When asked about Todd and TK’s involvement, Beach said, “Todd is the type of guy that we want. He began as a volunteer and now is a board member. We were able to speak to TK Promotions through a game night with their team. Thanks to that event, we’ve had multiple companies reach out and offer support. TK Promotions has been instrumental in helping us grow.”

TK Promotions’ company values are Collaboration, Respect, Commitment, Drive, and Service. Each of these pillars that our company is built upon are reflected in our partnership and involvement with the Relationship Foundation of Virginia. Our connection has been strengthened in 2021 with RFVA selecting TK Promotions to be their corporate sponsor for the year. By aligning with a similarly minded organization, we are able to make an immediate and lasting impact on our community, which is central to our beliefs as a company – we’re in this together; that’s the TK way.

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