3 Ways Promo Survives Supply Chain Struggles

Graphic of Worldwide Supply Chain

It’s no secret that the promotional industry sources products from overseas as part of its supply chain. Chinese warehouses often offer the best pricing and efficiency for bulk ordering, while still maintaining fantastic quality. However, with ever-changing international quarantine restrictions and worker shortages, we’re facing longer shipping times from international manufacturers.

These issues have put a squeeze on the promotional industry. Suppliers are often struggling to keep inventory levels consistent. Longer delivery times and fluctuating inventories have created challenges that take creativity and dedication to solve.

Increased demand for promotional products has added to the severity of the issue. As local quarantine restrictions loosen and the weather gets nicer, more and more companies are planning activities and demand for an extra branded touch is at an all-time high.

Tradeshows and Events

After being cooped up for so long, everyone, including companies and agencies, are itching to get back out and see each other. Trade shows and events are returning to 2019 levels. It’s important to fill your booth with the best of the best.

Company events are also another way for promotional products to shine. As the weather warms up, businesses are holding more picnics and outdoor events. Give your next event a personal touch with branded beach balls, picnic blankets, and s’mores kits!

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly items and the health of our environment is on the forefront of customer’s minds. Everyone is looking for small, convenient ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. As product offerings and designs have changed, sustainable, eco-friendly products to grow more and more in demand.

Consider giving out washable, durable totes made from paper or bags processed from recycled water bottles. Products made from bamboo fibers and wheat straw, like personalized bento boxes and pens have become very popular. These are simple ways to advertise your brand while helping to prevent added plastic to the environment.

Made in the USA

Companies place value in supporting their local communities, and promo products are no exception. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to combat extended delivery times is to source promotional products that are made in the U.S. From t-shirts to beanies and lip balm to personalized snack kits, finding custom-made items that were created in America has never been easier.

While the current hurdles from overseas manufacturing can seem daunting and the demand for promotional products is stronger than ever, your distributor partner can assist in navigating the current supply chain struggles. Dedicated and knowledgeable sales executives and suppliers are the key to sourcing the best products to show off your brand on budget and on time.

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